8 Ways To Make Thanksgiving Travel Less Stressful

Traveling is quite stressful already, but when you add all the long lines and pushing crowds that accompany holiday travel, it becomes a nightmare for a lot of people. The holidays are generally busy, and this can be quite demanding for a holiday traveler, especially if you’d rather be somewhere else.

If left unchecked, the stress can get to you. Then again, there are some things you could differently to reduce the pressure from your Thanksgiving trip.

1  Plan Your Trip


The importance of planning before any trip cannot be overemphasized. Planning your trip ahead puts you on a safe side to have a funfilled trip. Lack of planning opens you up to stress and disorganization, and it can put you at risk. Waiting until the day before your trip to book your hotel or your flight can make you spend more than you planned, and you don’t get enough options to choose.

Your planning shouldn’t be restricted to just accommodation and trips. Every aspect of your trip should be planned, and you should prepare an itinerary for the whole trip. A lot of people forget to include feeding in their plans, and this can pose a problem eventually. Even if your relatives are hosting you, what you need to bring should be discussed so you won’t be left hanging.

2 Pack Light


The biggest fear of any flyer is the chance of losing your luggage on the way to the airport. The second biggest concern is standing in line at the baggage carousel with other passengers waiting to get your bag. Instead of risking any of these scenarios, you should pack light enough, so you only have hand luggage.

The time you’d save from checking your luggage in and out is worth the few things you’ll leave behind.

3 Do Your Research


There’s nothing more frustrating than finding a suitable and affordable way to get to travel for Thanksgiving weekend, but at the end of your trip, it will all be worth it. You shouldn’t stick to what you know; instead, look at other travel options like new airports and train rides.

Maybe if you take trains between some cities, you’ll reduce the time spent in traffic, and have time to relax. You should look at all the transportation options available to you and pick the options that suit your time, budget, and convenience.

4 Always Carry Spares For Your Technology


We warn against over packing your luggage, but when it comes to your technology, it is best to always have an extra one just in case. Your chargers, batteries, and other tech should always have a replacement. You should also have enough movies and games to keep you company.

Tech can be so fickle, so you should never leave yourself to chance. An extra battery can come to your rescue on a boring flight, and a show can bail you out if your internet disappoints you.

5 Leave Your Car Behind


Taking your car along on your Thanksgiving journey is way more trouble than it’s worth. When you think of all the mileage and gas you’ll save up on, anything else looks more attractive. You also save a lot on car maintenance, especially if you’re supposed to drive to your destination.

A better alternative is getting a friend to pick you up and give you free rides or getting an Uber to take you to and from the airport. It is more convenient, and you don’t have to run around looking for parking spaces. However, if you still want to take your car to the airport, you should reserve your parking space days before your trip.

6 Explore Your Options


Flying during the holidays tends to be way more expensive than it usually is, especially on the days leading up to the holiday. Funny enough, flying on the very day of thanksgiving is much cheaper. If you move your days around, you could end up paying less than others.

The secret is to look around for all the options available to you and plan your trip accordingly. Know the busiest days around the holiday and avoid them like the plague.

7 Give Yourself Enough Time


Holidays are the worst time to leave for your airport late. You have to get there at least an hour before your flight, so you have enough time to avert any emergencies that come up. There are useful apps that can help you assess the length of the TSA lines and avoid the ones that can hold you back.

Time management shouldn’t end at your departure, because you may find yourself running around trying to get the best of your vacation, and end up even more stressed out than you were.

8 Take Care Of Your Health


If there’s anything that could make traveling any worse, it is an unexpected illness. Thanksgiving is a time when the common cold is passed around a lot, so you have actually to take an active role in preventing illness.

The stress of preparing for your Thanksgiving trip should not distract you from taking care of your health. Eat healthy, exercise, and actively reduce stress in the days before your trip, and your body will thank you. Wash your hands regularly, and do not forget to take a lot fruits as well as vitamins as these enhance your health.