What To Do At The Top Five US Amusement Parks

Travelers on TripAdvisorare enthusiastic about these amusement parks that won the 2019 Travelers’ choice awards. They are great choices to include in your summer trip this year.

Here is everything you need to know about these parks, their tickets, unique attractions, and travelers’ reviews.

Universal’s Islands of Adventure turns 20 years today, and it is has been TripAdvisor’s number one Travelers’ Choice amusement park for the fifth year and counting. It has a Skull Island theme park, along with a Marvel Super Hero Island theme park, Jurassic Park, Toon Lagoon theme park, and 4 other theme parks.

1 Jurassic Park ride

  • Fun facts: The park ride was developed alongside the Jurassic Park movie, and the ride is due to be updated after the release of the next film in 2021.
  • Ticket: Universal Orlando Tickets (for US and Canadian residents only)
  • TripAdvisor traveler review: “The Jurassic Park river ride is best taken at night, and it is easily my best ride. Riding it during the day doesn’t feel the same. There was no line, and I sat in the front row.”

The Magic Kingdom ride has been around for over 50 years, and families love it making it the world’s most-visited theme park for 13 years consecutively.

2 Happily Ever After Fireworks

  • Fun facts: The fireworks display has more special effects and lights than any other Disney display at that time, and it lasts for 18 minutes.
  • TripAdvisor traveler review: “The fireworks were stunning. I would have watched it every day of my stay here if I could. They leave you marveling at how they did it.”

Universal pays homage to the art movie making and entertainment. A lot of the themed rides were designed by the initial makers of the movies

3 Wizarding World of Harry Potter

  • Fun facts: Tourists ride a life-size, working model of the Hogwarts Express between the Harry Potter attractions at Universal and Islands of adventure.
  • Tickets: Universal Orlando 3-Park Ticket (for US and Canadian residents only)
  • TripAdvisor traveler review: “We prepared for the magical ride the week before by re-watching all 8 Harry Potter movies before we took the trip, and it made it more exhilarating. The realistic stores, staff, and themed restaurants and shops made it even more special for us.”

4 Kilimanjaro Safari ride

  • Fun facts:Disney’s Animal Kingdom covers over 580 acres, making it the largest theme park on earth.
  • VIP Tickets:Private Disney World Assistant
  • TripAdvisor traveler review: “The animal reserve feels so different from the rest of the Disney estate. It has an amazing design, and you can meet animals like lions, flamingos, antelope, crocodiles, cheetahs, giraffes, and hippos at any time, so have a camera handy.”

Universal still produces movies on the property, so you can catch a movie or TV series in the process of being made.

5 Backlot tour

  • Fun facts: Universal studios started giving tours since 1915, and they’ve been doing it since then.
  • Tickets: Skip the Line: Express Ticket at Universal Studios Hollywood
  • TripAdvisor traveler review: “We enjoyed the Backlot tour a lot. It is the best studio tour ever; you have to try it. There were delightful descriptions and incredible special effects and 3D action. Seeing movie sets and authentic people who work in movies was entertaining too.”

Here is the full list of the winners of the TravelersChoice Amusement Parks.