Boston: The city built on seafood

It is so cute that this building is located on Milk Street. Imagine all the streets being named after food.


I can’t begin to explain how much I love seafood towers. I still remember the first time I had one. It was in downtown Vancouver with Mike when we were still new in our relationship. It was on one of those sporadic, magnificently sun-drenched days in spring, and I had a work-free day. We were already in a festive mood inspired by the sunlight, and then Mike decided to take me on a surprise date- which made things even better. We got a seat near the patio, and he ordered the seafood tower. I don’t know if he was trying to make an impression on me, or he just really liked seafood, but it was my first time ordering it, and I was intrigued. When the order arrived, I set my eyes on the incredible arrangement, and I instantly fell in love with it. Ever since that day, I’ve been the number one fan of seafood towers, after all, who can resist fresh chilled seafood, bright sunlight, and your favorite human?


Well, snow, fresh, chilled seafood, bright sunlight, and your favorite human! I had all three in Boston a month ago. Mike was speaking on a panel, and once I caught wind of Boston and its legendary seafood towers, I decided to go with him. I surprised myself though because I had never wanted to visit the city of Boston before then. Which is why I was so amazed that I enjoyed myself so much. Usually, I’m only ever excited to visit places that already have buzz surrounding them, but this time I went in very little anticipation, and while it sounds terrible, it made my trip much more exciting this time.


Before we took to the road, we had to do some research and find the laces with the best and freshest seafood, so when we got there, our entire 4 days were spent strolling around, filling up on seafood towers. We had to get different hotels, one Downtown, and the other at the South Boston Waterfront. This is not something we do often- or at all for that matter, but it was for the best because moving around the city on foot was much more comfortable with two accommodation options.


Our choice of starting the trip Downtown paid off because our hotel was quite close to Faneuil Hall, Boston Public Market, and the Freedom Trail. Boston is a small place which makes it good for walking. We walked to Cambridge to see Harvard, and on the way, we picked up some coffees and a pistachio nut tart because they’re said to be really delicious. Unfortunately for me, the tart didn’t live up to my expectations, and it definitely looked better on display. I had a few bites and kept it in bag, fully intending to forget about it. I succeeded in forgetting about it at first, but after walking with it till we reached Harvard, it felt like I had a weight in my bag and my hand was nearly numb. When I checked my bag to see what it was that weighed so much, I discovered my tart and shamefacedly removed it from my bag. Well, I ate the tart; after all, carrying a huge tart in your tummy has to be better than lugging it around in your bag, right?


I was right; carrying your food in your tummy is the best thing to do when in Boston, and we took advantage of this rule. We put our bellies to work carrying mostly seafood, but we managed to sneak in a few burgers too because you can’t waste a good Shake Shack. The Shake Shack in the Seaport District endeared me to that part of the city (I don’t have any where I live, and I really love their burgers). I also enjoyed Flour Bakery and the old-fashioned factories in the nice part of the Harborwalk. In the end, the District was more enjoyable than Downtown because of its less hectic environment, and its proximity to the Southside. You also get a good view of the harbor, which is a perk I enjoyed. Altogether I enjoyed my foray into Boston and its attractions. We will most definitely be coming back soon!

Where we ate in Boston:

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Row 34- The seafood tower here was great, and luckily, both of us ordered it. It was so good that we had to return some days later for more oysters. Their 242 fries were also fantastic, and their lobster roll (the picture at the beginning of the post) was almost too good to eat.

Mei Mei- We had polarizing opinions here because my order, a double awesome- cheddar, pesto, and 2 eggs stuffed in a green onion pancake, was quite good. Meanwhile, Mike got the lemongrass ginger pork dumplings, which were quite bad in comparison.

Shake Shack- Shake Shack!!!!! Need I say more?

Townsman- They offered us a delicious seafood and charcuterie tower, but we were less than impressed with their service.

Myers + Chang- We were unimpressed with the food there as they were a little too salty, but mike liked their spicy prawns.

Where we drank in Boston:


Shojo- When we dropped by late at night for a few drinks, old-school hip hop was filtering through their speakers, and it made me happy. They also have good drinks.

Where we had snacks in Boston:

Ogawa Coffee- I ordered a matcha coffee with a bear in it, and I got one! Adorable and the coffee tasted so good.

Flour bakery- We weren’t so impressed by Myers + Chang when we visited, but Joanne Chang’s banana bread is out of this world. It honestly tastes so good, and the Flour’s banana bread doesn’t have a dome, which means I’ve been making it the right way.

Union Square Donuts- It is unheard of to visit Boston and not have one of their popular crème donuts, so we had to write it off our list. The donut was insanely yummy, thick, and fluffy.