6 Great US Cities for Getting Outside

Taking a break from the noise and bustle of the city doesn’t have to mean giving up your love for nature and the wilderness. If you don’t want to give up city life, but also want to be connected to nature, you should check out these US cities for a combination of both.

1 San Diego, California


Rated number 6 in the 2019 Travelers’ Choice Awards for the best destinations in the US, San Diego is the go-to location for fishing- freshwater and saltwater. It is regarded as a perfect spot for fishing, and among the best in the US. The city has seven ocean piers which are open to visitors and tourists, and several fishing charters you can order to go fishing on. One such is the Half-Day Deep-Sea Fishing Cruise, which is a perfect option for you regardless of your experience level. On the cruise, you can fish for bass, yellowtail, and several other game fish you can find along the coast of San Diego. Another enjoyable tour is the San Diego Whale Watching tour on which you may be lucky to see Pacific Grey Whales on their migration journey to the Bering Strait from the Baja Peninsula. San Diego also has options for you if you’d rather not get into the water. There are several parks, such as the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve. This park is considered one of the most untamed sites on the coast of Southern California.

2  San Francisco, California


In the 2019 Travelers’ Choice Awards, San Francisco was named the 9th best-rated US destination, and this is well-deserved because of the multitude of things you can get into here. This is the city of trams, quaint and scenic houses, and the popular Golden Gate Bridge. You can also go hiking along the less-traveled paths of the city, or take in the magnificent sights of the lovely Bay Area. Cole Valley meets up with the Castro at Tank Hill Park, and the views from there are unmatched, so you won’t regret the climb. For a more organized trip, you can pay for the Urban Hills and Hidden Gems Tour, which promises to take you around all the hidden woods and secret views of the forest. And, you can’t visit San Francisco and leave without getting good pictures of its number one landmark-the Golden Gate Bridge. You can get some great views from walking around Land’s End opposite the bridge.

3 Juneau, Alaska

©Juneau, Alaska

The Mendenhall Glacier is by far the biggest attraction to this capital city of Alaska. Having a glacier right in your city is impressive, and it always brings visitors from all around, looking to discover everything about this natural phenomenon. There is a Mendenhall Glacier Ice Adventure Tour that helps you explore the glacier. The tour kicks off with an hour-long paddle boat ride in the Mendenhall Lake that takes you to the massive 3000-year old glacier. The tour takes you around the glacier where you learn about its history for about 90 minutes before you return to shore with the same boat ride, and get a hot drink as a welcome.

4  Idaho Springs, Colorado


Idaho Springs is a perfect destination for lovers of water-based fun and activities. It is particularly good for white water rafting because of its rapids, especially in Middle Clear Creek. Middle Clear Creek is best for amateurs and families because they have some of the finest clear-cut paths and rafting runs available in America. Families with children, amateurs, and first-timers that need a simpler rafting location should try in Middle Clear Creek because of the beginner’s white water rafting experience. These sessions show you the rich past of gold mining in Colorado, and if you’re lucky, you may catch a glimpse of some miners that still work along that stretch of white water.

5 New York City, New York


New Yorkers walk everywhere like there is always something new to do, so why don’t you adopt that habit. All you have to do is walk around this city to see all its attractions from the incredible graffiti art at 5Pointz, food tour in Queens, Long Island City and its appeal, and the High Line. You can take the less-traveled route and explore the other side of the island. You can visit the Cloisters from the north of George Washington Bridge and by way of Fort Tryon Park. The Cloisters is a part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is devoted to the paintings from medieval Europe. Its serene environment is quite different from the noise and vibe of Manhattan that you wouldn’t expect it to be a part of it. It’s so easy to see the hidden treasures of New York because you only need to walk outside and go where the spirit leads.

6  Las Vegas, Nevada


Las Vegas is the casino capital of the US, but that isn’t the only attraction the city has to offer. The casinos are a big draw, but you can also enjoy other aspects of the city, like the Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City. The canyon has a 1.5-mile zip line over the desert mountain, which is a short drive from the Las Vegas Strip. If you’re into hiking, you can hike along the Red Mountain, put on your gear, and get into this guided, eco-adventure zip line that takes you over the beautiful desert landscape and offers lovely views of the Strip, Lake Mead, and the El Dorado Valley. For a real challenge, ride a mountain bike down the canyon.