11 Places You Need to Visit in Fort Worth

Fort Worth, Texas, aka, the panther city, is a gorgeous city and a perfect place for tourists. It wasn’t always this popular, and it got its nickname from a comment that was supposed to be an insult.

The Dallas Morning News claims that in 1875, Robert Cowart, who was a lawyer called Fort Worth, a quiet and sleepy town that had a panther been sleeping on the streets of the city, no-one would notice.

In a smart move, the citizens of Fort Worth took the intended insult as a compliment and accepted the name panther city, and use the panther as their icon. Till today, you can find several depictions of a panther in the city. Don’t forget to take pleasure in the following experiences when next you’re in Fort Worth.

1  Visit Sundance Square At Night


With its trees covered in white lights and colored lights on quite a lot of buildings, Sundance Square is a beauty to behold at night. The square is also lovely during the day, but there’s a different kind of ambiance that it has at night.

Sundance Square is just a short walk away from the Worthington Renaissance Fort Worth Hotel, so you can easily access it if you’re staying there. You will also find so many restaurants with delicious food nearby.

2 Have Dinner At The Spiral Diner And Bakery


The Spiral Diner and Bakery has an old-fashioned feel that makes it seem like you are in an older time. It is located at W. Magnolia Avenue, and it is a cozy place that makes everyone feel at home. The menu is impressive, and you’d be itching to try everything from their extensive all-day menus. They serve delicious vegan meals like burgers, and a satisfying plant-based macaroni and cheese meal. Make sure to keep space for a decadent dessert.

3 Visit The Modern Art Museum


With almost 3000 artworks in its possession, The Modern always has something to offer you. The Modern Art Museum is Fort Worth’s prized contemporary art museum, and it is ever-changing its works on display, so you always have a new display whenever you visit.

While you can comfortably tour the museum yourself, there are professional tours on-site for you to learn more and have the full museum experience.

4 Attend A Show At The Casa Mañana Theater


The Casa Mañana Theater is known as Texas’ best theater, and for a good reason. The theater offers Broadway-style shows and a lot of children’s shows. There are so many plays and performances of Broadway-level that you can enjoy at the Casa Mañana theater, including cabaret-like shows like A Dean Martin Christmas and Come Together: When the 60s Meet the 70s.

5 Visit The JFK Tribute In General Worth Square


On a rainy day on the 22nd of November, 1963, the then president, John F. Kennedy, gave a speech to the huge crowd who had stopped to bear him speak on the steps of what used to be known as Hotel Texas. Sadly, the president was later assassinated in Dallas on that very day, which Americans will never forget. The John F. Kennedy Tribute stands in place in General Worth Square as a tribute to a great man, and it has become a place of sober reflection

6 Listen To Great Music At The Scat Jazz Lounge


The Scat Jazz Lounge is situated in the Woolworth building, which is in Sundance Square, another scenic destination, and it is the best place to visit for first-rate Jazz shows year-round.

The lounge mostly does straight jazz, and it is the top spot if you want to enjoy live jazz in a calm and relaxing place. The lounge is trendy and well decorated, but it also has a warm embracing atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re sitting at home with a sweet, warm drink while enjoying captivating music.

7 Indulge Yourself With A Sweet From Cinnaholic


Help yourself to the display of decadence in Fort Worth’s top gourmand cinnamon roll bakery. They have more than 20 curated frosting flavors for you to choose from, and they are displayed to tempt you from their glass display case.

The fun doesn’t stop there as Cinnaholic also serves an array of other bakery treats like sweet and savory rolls, as well as custom holiday pastries you can design yourself. You can try the November pumpkin pie cinnamon roll, which is a best-seller every year. Cinnaholic is situated on Carrie Street on Cricket Row, just a short walk to the Movie Tavern West, so you might as well start a new tradition of “dinner with a roll.”

8 Visit The Dock Bookshop


Established in 2008, the Dock Bookshop has a variety of book selections for everyone, from children to adults. The Dock Bookshop, easily a pick for the largest bookshops in the whole of the southwest, and it is an African-American owned business. The bookstore not only has an excellent book collection, but you can find some nice trinkets, journals, and gifts. (Even I couldn’t stop myself from buying a Maya Angelou journal)

9 Attend A Speakeasy In A Swanky Location


Fort Worth certainly has everything, including a speakeasy in what used to be a bookstore. Thompson’s Bookstore is an upscale bar located in the Vybek building, formerly a bookstore, and it still has the old-timey appeal of the building. Although it is decorated like a chic bookstore, the aim is to “improve how you drink cocktails .” You will need a password to get into the speakeasy venue.

10   Stop By The Kimbell Art Museum


You cannot be in Fort Worth and not stop by the Kimbell Art Museum. The museum has a vast permanent art collection, alongside a scheduled revolving exhibit. For instance, its Renoir: The Body, The Senses exhibit, first exhibited the works of Renoir to center the human body, and it showed from October 29, 2019, to January 26, 2020. You can walk around the museum on your own, or you can pay for a tour of the museum. The museum also has an online app that has tours you can listen to while exploring.

11 Enjoy The Velvet Vegan Ice Cream Flavor At Melt


Melt Ice Creams is a treasure in Fort Worth, and they offer the best variety of flavors, both permanent and rotating, ever. If you have to try one flavor only, make it the decadent velvet vegan flavor. The Velvet vegan ice cream allows you to indulge in the rich delicious chocolate flavor that can make you ask for more, without having to compromise. This ice cream is enough to make you return to Fort Worth as it gives you a full sensory event.