10 Best Country Hotels In Portugal

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Portugal’s larger cities Lisbon and Porto, have been favorites of many for years, but more recently, interest has moved towards the rural parts of Portugal. Portugal is filled with farmhouses that have been renovated into lavish retreats. These are perfect hideaways for you to escape the fast pace of the city and enjoy nature and a laidback experience while feeling like you never left home. (Credit to Lounge Luxury Travel for getting me here)

1 Areias do Seixo

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This charming farmhouse introduces visitors to an enchanting scenery and lovely vintage art and decorations. Guests can enjoy a delicious meal made with fresh ingredients in beautiful restaurants with mismatched chairs and elegant floral arrangements. The restaurant gets most of its food ingredients from its greenhouse and numerous gardens.

The idea behind this luxurious farmhouse is to create a sense of “originality, sublime comfort, and an inerrable sense of style that seamlessly blends in with the land, the sea, and the shore” (which is 10 minutes away). Areias do Seixo has 14 rooms with unique designs, elegant old-fashioned tubs, and fireplaces that burn wood.

2 Craveiral

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You are offered a chance to connect with nature in a spacious and minimalist environment in this rugged location. Craveiral is not extravagant; rather, it has an authentic feel, with old trees and well-worn paths. Rather than a complete renovation, the owner of the establishment built it alongside the natural landscape to preserve the pure and genuine atmosphere.

The rooms are comfortable, with Hӓstens mattresses and minimalist decorations, and they support local charities in partnership with a top Lisbon pizzeria. Craveiral is located near the beach at Zambujeira do Mar, bringing you close to the sea.

3 Herdade Ribeira de Borba

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A direct connection with nature in a calm and simple estate is the perfect trip, and Herdade Ribeira de Borba delivers on every turn. The estate is located to the east of Alta Alentejo, close to Vila Viçosa, and it used to be part of an ancient Roman path- there are still remnants of the architecture from the era.

Vegetation in Herdade Ribeira de Borba is unorganized and untamed, so you see a lot of orchards and edible vegetables mixing with the natural forest, and there are convenient footpaths so you can enjoy the beauty of nature. Herdade Ribeira de Borba offers accommodation for everyone, from small bedrooms to full-sized houses and glamping domes in some parts of the estate.

4 Da Licença

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Da Licença is a boutique hotel that offers its guests splendid hospitality and a calm elegance and design. The establishment’s owners decided to relinquish the trendy fashion and art of Paris in favor of the 8-bedroom hotel. The hotel is elegantly decorated, and it has a unique and posh aesthetic.

Da Licença was built on ruins from the 1840s, with a peak on 300 acres close to Estremoz. There are about 13,000 olive trees on the grounds, and guests enjoy magnificent views all around. Da Licença is the right spot if you want to experience luxury in a calm environment.

5 Companhia das Culturas

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Companhia das Culturas screams rustic luxury the moment you step into its well-appointed grounds in the east of Algarve. The hotel used to be a farmhouse that has belonged to the same family for generations, which now welcomes its guests into a hideout without any interruptions from the outside world. Part of the charm is the fact that many apartments used to be olive presses.

The hotel’s co-owner is an anthropologist who took different artistic tastes from the countries she has lived in the past and incorporated them into her hotel. She is also in charge of the creative side of things, so you see aspects of French, English, Brazilian, and Senegalese culture in the hotel. She is dedicated to preserving history, and this shows in all aspects of the hotel.

6 Luz Houses

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Another boutique hotel, Luz Houses, which sits on the outskirts of Fátima, promises you a “soul experience.” Everything about this hotel is reminiscent of the architectural style that was popular in the region in the 1800s and 1900s. The hotel is styled as a mini-village filled with country houses with rough stone and mortar walls. There is a red theme on the walls because they are made with stones from the region and attached with mortar prepared with red sand.

There is a natural spa within a high-energy cave that offers aromatherapy and herbal medicine gotten from local plants. Guests also have access to local delicacies and products from a grocery store in the hotel.

7 Casa Modesta

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Outside Olhão in Algarve, the Casa Modesta is a Wallpaperworthy hotel that has been in use since the 1940s, and still houses the family that owns it. The farmhouse has an artistic feel that matches the town’s overall aesthetic.

Each of its 9 bedrooms has 2 common rooms, and a private terrace looking over the Ria Formosa Natural Park. Casa Modesta has one of Portugal’s most comfortable spaces, which has a wood oven used for baking fresh bread and heating.

8 Pensão Agrícola

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Pensão Agrícola, located in the southeast of Algarve, is a luxurious “guesthouse” on a modest and tranquil 1920 farmhouse that remained in use till 1970. The farm is covered in different trees like orange, arbutus, and almond trees, all lending a rustic look to the elegant buildings. It was renovated to suit modern standards by the tasteful architectural firm called Atelier Rua.

9 Herdade da Matinha

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I found this treasure on the Rota Vicentina during a hiking trip hosted by We Love Small Hotels. The hotel’s design reflects much of the owner’s liberal tastes, which comes from their various journeys around the world. Herdade da Matinha is a haven for hikers because there are several hiking trails they can use. The kitchens are open to all, and the chefs allow guests to help in meal preparation, all of which foster a homely feeling.

This hotel also has an impressive horse with 10 Puro Sangue Lusitano horses, Halflinger breeds, and Cruzado Portugês horses. The horses are well taken care of, and guests have access to them for riding and grooming purposes.

10 Quinta de Lemos

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When Celso de Lemos came up with the idea of Quinta de Lemos, it seemed like an impossible dream that never should have come to pass. Today, Quinta de Lemos stands as a chic establishment, with a winery, upscale restaurant, and an elegant small hotel.

Celso de Lemos already had a reputation for success with his companies, Abyss and Habidecor. The companies are widely known for their luxurious, incredibly soft towels and rugs. The bed linens are incredibly well-made, and they draw your attention immediately. Quinta de Lemos makes its beds with these plush linens, and they are certainly worth returning to the hotel if only to sleep in them.