8 Smart trackers for pet Owners

Owning a wandering pet that doesn’t stay in one spot is enough to frustrate the most patient pet owner. These GPS collars prevent you from worrying and keep track of your pet’s movements. they are perfect for those curious pets that love to leave the house and chase everything around the neighborhood.

With the vast array of designs available, there is something for everyone, and you will be notified of your beloved pet’s location at all times. These are 8 of the best smart pet trackers for you to monitor yourrestless fur babies.

1 Paw Track

The paw track tracking collar is exclusively made to fit cats. This comfortable collar fits perfectly around you cat’s neck and weight only 70g. The collar houses the GPS unit, and it rest above your cat’s back, to make it more manageable and comfy for your cat.

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Paw track has inbuilt Wifi, and it lets you know when your cat gets home. It also saves battery by entering sleep mode when your cat is close to you. Paw track also has a lost cat mode that instantly signals you to you’re cat’s location.

Price: $160

2 Tractive

Tractive is an inconspicuous tracker that you can easily attach to your pet’s collar. With this tracker, you will always be a part of your pet’s many adventures. You can follow your dog at all times and examine its wandering records to find out where it went to throughout the day. You can also arrange a virtual barrier, so you get alerted when your pet leaves you designated zone.

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Tractive is suitable for dogs that enjoy swimming because it is waterproof. It is also a glow in the dark tracker which makes finding your pet at night much easier.

Price: $129

3 Pod

Pod GPS tracker is waterproof and it gives you a peek into your pet’s private moments. Pod can be attached to any collar, and it allows you to track your pet’s locations, and observe it’s behavior. This tracker’s battery lasts for at least 5 days on it’s reserve mode. You can hook it up to your computer or smartphone so you can monitor it closely.


Like all other pet trackers, Pod allows you to arrange safe zones, and you get notified by the machine the moment your pet leaves the area. The device also makes use of GPS, 2G as well as wifi to monitor your pet’s location.

Price: $149

4 Tabcat

Tabcat resembles a little tag that you can fasten to your cat’s collar. The unit has a small handset that beeps fast and flickers whenever you’re near your cat. Tabcat doesn’t use GPS like most other trackers; instead, it makes use of radio frequency identification to find your cat. This makes tabcat more lightweight and much cheaper.

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One advantage Tabcat has over other pet trackers is that it can locate your cat regardless of the obstacles is the way. Objects usually hinder GPS trackers in the way, but Tabcat can find you cat through a thick wall, 400ft away. A pack of Tabcat comes with 2 splashproof homing tags and a handset that monitors your cat’s movements.

Price: $69.99

5 Gibi

Gibi is a GPS tracker that works just like the other GPS trackers in this list, but with some extra feature. You never have to lose your pets again with this sturdy and waterproof collar. The collar attaches the tag to your pet, and it tracks your pet’s location and alerts you once it leaves the preset safe zone.

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In addition to the tracking features on this collar, Gibi has a browser app that gives you constant updates and accurate location data with it’s one click key.

Price: $129.99

6 Buddy

Buddy brings you and your pet closer together than ever. It is a high-tech, waterproof LED collar that keeps track of your pet’s daily interests and goings-on by using GPS to trail their location. Buddy uses flashy LED lighting technology to make your pets more visible to road users, to prevent dangerous accidents.

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Other features include temperature sensors and fitness monitoring. It is also completely waterproof so your dog can enjoy a swim with it. Buddy has a community of pet owners just like you so you can connect and chat with other users. You can also customize your social alerts on buddy.

Price: $250

7 Petrek

Petrek only weight 35g, and it is a GPS pet tracker that monitors your dog’s activities for you. It is very durable, regardless of its light weight so that you can use it for all sizes of dogs. Petrek is especially good for dogs that don’t weight more than 5kg.

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Petrek uses 3G compatibility, which has amazing coverage, and you don’t need to subscribe as of now. You can track your dog every 30 seconds, 5 minutes, or 2 hours, depending on how extreme you are. The battery lasts for 8 days on a full charge, and it is compatible with swimming.

Price: $199

8 Nano

Nano provides regular updates of your pet’s movements and location using live a GPS tracking system. Nano is best for recording your pet’s activities through out the day, so you know what he has been up to on any time. You can also create a virtual fence around your dog, and it alerts you immediately it wanders off and gets lost.

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Nano has a long battery life, and it’s made from a durable materiel that suits all types and sizes dogs. The only thing is that you have to use a SIM Card, You also pay a subscription of £6 per month.

Price: £99