7 Tips to Get Accurate Google Search Results

It is becoming a norm to just say “Google it” when you need an answer to something. This fantastic search engine almost has an answer to every question on planet earth without eating your time (if you have internet access. Lol!). It’s important for you to optimize the usage of search engine for it’s many great results, and this article presents seven tips that can help you maximize your Google potential.

1 Finding local Businesses

With Google, you can hardly miss common places and events around you. You can easily find local businesses around you and get accurate results from Google Map, just by searching for it on Google search engine. For instance, you want to locate the nearest Restaurant, simply search Restaurant (your city), and you will get all results with all details.

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If you’re bothered about being in a big city, using your area code (i.e Macdonald’s 23504) in place of your city would help show only results in your specified area. It is very cool that your results can be gotten on a map where you can learn how can you get to your destination and how much time will take to get there.

Though this is most common in urban areas and big cities, you don’t have to worry; Google just might still have the answer, search anyway. The great thing is, with google, you can easily fin your way around urban places.

2 Getting Definitions

With Google you hardly miss a thing as noted earlier, Rather than search in different plateforms for some word or subject, you can easily get the definition by typing definition(your word or subject).

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Google supplies a quick definition, even sysnonyms, and antonyms and if you want to know more, it also gives links which direct you places like Answer.com, Merriam-Webster, and others. It’s also fun as you can get to do a quiz on similar words about the subject to learn even better.

This feature also gives you the opportunity to gain more insight into the meaning of many expressions. You can easily learn about phrases and clauses like “loving and leaving” by using the definition feature. You can build your vocabulary better by using it to learn about anything, in particular, even your favorite celebrities on TV shows. Fun right?

3 Calculate on Google

Math has never been easier! with Google, you can solve anything. Yes, anything, from equations to graphs and even complex expressions; Just type it into Google search box, and you will get your answer.

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Google solves your complex math in no time and can even give you a graph. All you need to do is type the equation in the search box, and you get your answer. Math can become your new best friend with the help of Google, and you’ll find yourself playing with expressions.

4 Google Translate

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Google is very handy when it comes to translations. With over 100 languages on Google translate. You can not only translate words from one language to another, you can also do phrases and sentences and even go on to learn a new language, it’s working on Google search page as well.

You don’t need to go to Google translate because you can type your word or phrase on the search box started with “Translate your phrase or word here to (new language)” and you will get the same results as Google Translate, and if you want to build upon it more, it provides links to Google translate which will come in handy.

With audio feature, it is even better because you get clear intonations and can easily translate any language.

5 On Measurements

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Just like it can solve math, it can easily supply values in different measurement standards.

Usually, there are other tools that can help with measurements and conversions, but Google is very swift in converting from one measurement unit to another, even the most complex of conversions.

Simply use the search box for unit_to_unit (for example, 1 mile to ft), and your answer is right on your screen.

6 On Weather Time

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Don’t get caught unaware by a sudden weather change or be oblivious of the local time of a particular place. Be updated in seconds with your Google search engine which can give you details on weather conditions of your location or another place to avoid unforeseen circumstances.

It also provides more links if you are in need of more details about the forecast. It is easy, you only need to simply type (your city) weather and be informed. Get the right time quickly with your Google search too, by using your search box. You can easily type in time in current location or current time in London and stay informed.

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7 On Currency Conversions

Is it not great that you can do business with just anyone and be accurate with currency exchange just by the use of this sweet search engine?

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With Google, you can accurately monitor currency rates. It can easily give you exchange rates or go on to convert any currency value to your desired currency. Gain knowledge of currency rates by typing in the search box, for example, 1 gbp to euro. The most fascinating thing is the speed, which even makes transactions better.

Note that Google may not give 100% accuracy as stated in the published disclaimer, but it is still trusted by many and serves day after day.

These 7 tips are basic features that just make life easier. Students businessmen and women, just anyone can find anything they need on Google with just the search box. Enjoy life better, with these easy and simple tips.