6 Uncommon But Important Tips For Youtubers

Most certainly, one platform that comes to mind when it comes to learning extensively about a subject or watching the latest or old videos is YouTube. Some YouTubers are very much used to certain basic features of the platform and do not know about some tips that can even make their experience more interesting. To better your experience, here are 6 interesting YouTube features, which will certainly make you love YouTube even more:

1 The Auto Replay Option

Did you know that you do not have to keep pressing the replay tab on that one particular video that you can’t just stop playing. Rather than repeating the video by pressing replay, you can set the video to automatically replay itself because YouTube has an auto-reply feature. You activate this by right-clicking on the favored video and picking ‘loop’ from the array of options on the menu. To disable this feature, you can uncheck the option.

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2 Default HD play

The quality of YouTube videos are automatically set to very low definitions to minimize internet costs. They are still available at a good quality to run on very affordable internet speeds. However, if you do not have an issue with internet access, you can set your system to view all your YouTube videos in High Definition (HD).

To do this, go on Google Chrome or Firefox to get an extension known as YouTube Magic Actions with which the Automatic HD can be set from the extension. You can adjust the resolution to suit you and also, scroll your mouse to adjust the volume.

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3 Video search accuracy

ever experienced a long route to getting one particular video? Like, you search for one video and have to go through countless pages to find one particular one. Rather than scroll through many pages looking for that one video that you want to watch, you can get the desired video easily and more accurately.

Do this by adding “allintitle:” before you add keywords related to your desired video. This limits the results to only videos that have the selected keywords. By doing this, you have fewer options now and can easily locate your desired video. Easy right?

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4 Video share from any point

Sometimes, a particular video you watched might have piqued your interest, or while watching a video, you might want to show it to your friends but not all of it. You do not have to share a video from the beginning if you are not interested in sharing it that way. This can be easily done.

If you pause a video at a certain point, say the point when you would want another user to start watching it, you can right-click, and from the menu that appears, you choose the option copy video URL at the current time and share. The link will open the video from the exact point. This feature can help save your friends the time and data spent on viewing a full context for just a little part of it.

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5 Streamlining your search

This involves you searching with keywords but streamlining it. Say you have searched before on a particular subject, have seen some videos, and want to search again without those same videos coming up. You can omit those videos using ‘the keyword omission format’ (i.e. keyword – exclude keyword).

For example, you search “register domain” but want videos from GoDaddy not to come up maybe because you have seen them before. You simply search with “Register Domain -Godaddy”. This would give results without videos from GoDaddy.

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6 Speed of videos

Last on our list is a feature that allows you to know if it’s your internet connection or just an issue with the video you are watching. Rather than sit there waiting, you can check the playing speed of your video.

Simply right click on the video playing and from the open menu, select stats for nerds and voila! You get information on the activity of your network, the buffer health, the speed of your internet connection, and details of the video like it’s ID, optimal resolution and other stats.

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You’ll agree that your YouTube experience just got better with these features.