20 Best Apple Watch docks To Buy (2019)

Apple watches are convenient and innovative, but charging them can prove to be a problem for users. Thankfully, several Apple Watch docks can charge your watch and also your other Appl devices on the go. These Apple Watch docks usually have other amazing features that make charging a breeze.

This list contains a varied amount of charging docks with different features and designs. Now it is up to you to pick the ones that fit you best.

1 Watchstand

  • Comes in black and white colors
  • Frame: Metal base coated in plastic
  • Cost: $29.99
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The Watchstand is a miniature dock that allows you to monitor your watch while it charges. Its Magnetic Charging cord clasps onto your watch’s back for a better secure charging session.

You can charge your watch and even your phone on this elegant dock. It has 2 charging positions, and the charging angles are convenient for you. This sleek dock can double as a table decoration, and you can hide all the extra wires inside the dock’s stem.


  • Metal frame maintains its balance
  • The pole section hides any extra cable left from view


  • It weighs quite a lot for its small build
  • The horizontal charging isn’t convenient

2 Apple Watch Stand S330

  • Comes in a lovely silver color
  • Frame: TPU and high-grade aluminum
  • Cost: $24.99

This tasteful charging stand holds your Apple Watch and its magnetic charger effortlessly at an angle of 45 degrees, so it stays balanced. This angle also helps you keep an eye on your watch while you charge it.

You get a charger outline that is suitable for all chargers, so it doesn’t matter what model you have. The stand is from Nanotac, and it has a sturdy base that keeps its balance on flat surface. It also has a space for storing your cords.


  • Affordable price
  • Clean and stylish design


  • It tends to tilt to one side and could fall off a table
  • It gets shaky once a device is placed on it

3 DOCK for Apple Watch

  • Comes in black marble and white colors
  • Frame: Marble and aluminum
  • Cost: $129.99

The Union DOCK has a simple and marbled look, which makes it stand out. It has a rotating aluminum arm that moves the watch to whatever position you want, and it fits all the buckles of a watch.

You can charge your watch with any position on the dock, and it makes an attractive ornament for your bedside.


  • Stunning design
  • It has multiple charging positions


  • High price
  • It doesn’t always look like it does in pictures

4 WatchKeeper

  • Comes in two 2-toned variants
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Cost: $63.95

This charging port has a built-in MagSafe system that manages your extra cables, and a protective cover that fits your Watch. Thanks to this packaging, you can carry your charging dock along with you.

You can get the cover in custom leather, or in black, or tan shades. It is lined on the inside with EVA foam and microfiber. With this dock, you get free shipping and a one-year warranty.


  • It is made entirely from aluminum
  • It has an efficient cord arrangement


  • It has a high price
  • Doesn’t support horizontal charging

5 BLOC Wireless Dock for Apple Watch

  • Comes in 3 attractive colors
  • Frame: A combination of aluminum and
  • Cost: $79.95

This charger differs from the other charging docks in this list because it is a wireless power bank, rather than a charging dock. The power bank has a massive 2000mAh lithium battery and an outline for a magnetic charging cord that charges your watch.

The charger has 3 LED displays that show your charging stage and a micro USB port. It charges one device at a time, and the cord can be a pain to pull together, so you may have to get an extra cable. You can charge your watch up to 4 times on a full charge, and it is suitable for your Mac products.


  • Suitable for charging on the move
  • It is a combined dock and battery


  • It doesn’t have a protective casing
  • Installation takes time to complete

6 NightStand for Apple Watch

  • Comes in 5 exciting colors
  • Frame: Top-quality silicone rubber
  • Cost: $29.95

Elevation Lab came out with the compact NightStand, and it is now a favorite for people who do not like clutter on their desktops. The device is frame: one whole section of silicone rubber, and it has a sticky NanoPad base that you can attach on any surface. You can also use a 3M adhesive pad that works for GoPro cameras.

The nightstand mode on your Apple watch makes using this dock easy, and you can also charge it in a vertical position. Your magnetic cord attaches pretty easily to your dock, and it is quite versatile.


  • Compact and functional design
  • You can mount it in different positions


  • Your watch doesn’t stay secured to the dock
  • Larger and heavier watches might be too heavy for this dock

7 Nomad Stand for Apple Watch

  • Comes in an eye-catching space gray color
  • Frame: A combination of stainless steel, rubber, and aluminum
  • Cost: $39.95

Nomad used a whole piece of aluminum to produce this striking curved design that has a rubber bottom. If you prefer a less cluttered desk, this stand is perfect for you because its cord is passed through the back, away from view.

It also has a copper base that keeps it steady on its feet, and a charging puck that is designed to make proper contact with your watch.


  • Elegant and stunning design
  • Airplane-grade aluminum material


  • The cable outline may not always fit your cords
  • It doesn’t have a nightstand mode

8 Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock

  • Comes in a bright white color
  • Frame: Rubber top and a microfiber cloth base
  • Cost: $79.00

Apple brought out this charging dock as the primary charging dock for you. It has the characteristic look of an Apple product with a minimalist style and compact shape. Still, the dock gives you horizontal and vertical (nightstand) charging modes.

One interesting fact is that the magnetic charger is built into the dock so that you can use it with either charging mode. It also comes with an additional long cord you need to plug it into power before you start charging.


  • Integrated charging puck
  • Contains an additional lightning cord


  • Only comes in one color
  • Unimpressive design

9 OLEBR 3 Apple Watch Stand

  • Comes in a bright black color
  • Frame: Aluminum and plastic
  • Cost: $29.97

This stand is capable of charging your other Apple devices like your iPhone and Airpods, asides from your Apple Watch. It even has 2 lighting cables for your other devices, although you’d have to get a cable for your Watch yourself.

This stand has a steady base that doesn’t stagger under much weight, making a good choice as a nightstand station for charging all your devices at once. You also get to use the Nightstand mode with your Apple Watch.


  • You only need one for all your devices
  • It contains 2 extra lightning cables


  • The cables can get tangled up and hard to manage
  • It is not easy to assemble

10 Belkin Watch Valet

  • Comes in  white/silver color
  • Frame: Aluminum and plastic
  • Cost: $79.99

Belkin was one of the first Apple accessory producers to come up with a watch stand with a built-in magnetic charger. The Watch Valet stand has a luxury look and finishing, and it is easy to use. It allows you to angle your watch to your preferred viewing position, and you can easily connect and disconnect the watch to the stand.

This stand has a chrome polish on its supporting arm, which adds to the balance of its heavy bottom. Also, if you have a heavy watch, its removable wristband helps to prop it up while you’re charging.


  • Inbuilt magnetic charger
  • Extra stand support


  • It has a high price
  • It tends to wear out after months of use

11 Mangotek Apple Watch Charging Stand

  • Comes in chrome/grey black
  • Frame: aluminum and plastic
  • Cost: $49.99

The Mangotek Watch Charging Stand is a charging stand with a raised arm and sturdy base, which looks a lot like the Belkin Watch Valet that is also in this list. The charging stand also has a built-in MFi-certified Apple Watch charger.

It has a smart 2.1A USB port for your watch, and you can charge your other Apple devices at the same time. However, due to its high price, a wireless charger would have been a nice feature to add to the other amazing features in this charging stand.


  • Setup doesn’t involve any assembly
  • Integrated 2.1A USB port for other Apple devices


  • It doesn’t have a wireless charger
  • You may notice a lagging in its performance after a few months

12 Elago W Charging Stand

  • Available in 5 attractive colors: Silver, Dark Grey, Rose Gold, Champagne Gold, and the classic Black
  • Frame: Silicon and Aluminum
  • Cost: $29.99

The elago W has a unique, cylindrical aluminum frame with anti-slip silicone on the top and bottom. You can easily place it in your cup holder while charging your watch. It isn’t suitable for your nightstand, and it can be too dull for some users.

This charger stands out because of the excellent management of its cables. All the excess wire is stored inside the frame, so it doesn’t cause clutter. You can pick from the 5 color options available, and you could even find a match for your Watch.


  • Excellent cable management
  • Perfect fit for your car’s cupholder


  • Average appearance
  • It isn’t good with the Nightstand mode

13 Zen Wireless Apple Watch Charger

  • Comes in grey and white
  • Frame: Plastic with a rubber base
  • Cost: €49.99

Zen is a combination of a wireless charger and a power bank, and it is one of the MFi-certified chargers on this list. Regardless of its boxy size, it is quite easy to carry about, and you only have to place your watch on the charger or wrap your watch’s straps around it to charge.

With a battery size of 1300 mAh, and LED indicators that show your battery’s level, this charger is perfect for short trips where you don’t want to carry your charger along. You can get up to 3 full charges on your watch with one charge of your power bank. The charger is quite sturdy with its hard plastic body and rubber base that keeps it firmly on your nightstand.


  • Portable
  • Has an LED battery display


  • It is quite expensive
  • A lightning port is a better fit than the micro-USB port on the charger

14 Nomad Base Station

  • Available in black only
  • Frame: Anodized aluminum and leather
  • Cost: $139.95

The Nomad Base Station is flat and sleek with an inbuilt charging puck to wirelessly charge your Apple Watch and 3 Qi-certified coils to charge your iPhones and Airpods at the same time.

The charging station has a lovely anodized aluminum frame and a leather-covered base. It also has LED indicator lights and a light sensor that turns down the lights when the room gets dark. You’ll also love the rubber pad on the charger that acts as a barrier between your Apple Watch and the aluminum body of the charger.


  • Charges all portable Apple products wirelessly
  • It has a sleek leather charging surface


  • It comes with a charging adapter, rather than a USB-C cord
  • You can only charge your watch in night mode

15 Anden Watch Valet

  • Available in 4 vibrant colors; white Glacier Corian, walnut, maple, and cherry wood.
  • Frame: Wood or Corian
  • Cost: £89.99

The Anden Watch Valet is an elegantly finished charging dock that charges all Apple Watch series, and goes further to store 4 extra watch bands. All pieces are hand-crafted by the master cabinet manufacturer Gavin Coyle, using eco-friendly and sustainable wood and oils.

Anden doesn’t have an inbuilt charger, and you have to use your charger with it, but it charges your watch efficiently. Its standout feature is the watch strap holder that gives you 4 slots to save your watch bands. To buy this product, you have to order in beforehand in your preferred finishing, and you get your package in a few weeks.


  • Four extra furrows to store additional watch bands
  • Hand-crafted with eco-friendly materials


  • It doesn’t have a secure hold on the watch
  • It doesn’t have a nightstand mode

16 ATETION Wireless Charger

  • Available in white only
  • Frame: Plastic
  • Cost: $19.99

This wireless charger has no USB adapter, but it can charge your Apple watch and another Qi-enabled device like your phone or your tablet. Your watch is connected via its vertical charging puck, and your additional device is connected by laying it on the charging bed.

This charging pad doesn’t require a charger, so you shouldn’t attempt to use an Apple charger adapter, except a QC2.0 or QC3.0 charger adapter. It is light and portable, and it is quite affordable.


  • Budget-friendly
  • You can charge your Apple Watch and a Qi-enabled device at once


  • Not compatible with Apple iWatch series 1
  • Doesn’t come with a USB wall adapter

17 UGREEN Watch Charger

  • Comes in a bright white color
  • Frame: PC & ABS
  • Cost: $39.99

$UGREEN Charger is the charger you get when you don’t want any extra inconveniences. At only 33g, this charger is the smallest and most lightweight charger we have on this list. It is so small that you can put it on a keychain, and all you have to do is connect to a power source and charge your watch in 2 hours.

Despite its tiny size, this charger is well-equipped with safety features to protect your watch from overheating, high voltage, and short-circuiting. It also has an anti-slip pad that keeps your watch secure while charging. You can hang it on your belt loop or your bag with the little lanyard it has,


  • Cable-free charging
  • Inbuilt MFI certified charger


  • It doesn’t have a backup power bank
  • Not compatible with Macbooks without USB ports

18 Simpeak Charger Stand

  • Available in black and white
  • Frame: ABS plastic
  • Cost: $22.98

Simpeak is the multipurpose Apple charging dock you didn’t know you need. You can charge your Apple Watch, alongside 3 other devices, and you don’t need to bother about the clutter from the multiple cables, because the Simpeak stand stores them inside its box.

Your Apple watch charges right on top of the stand in nightstand mode, and it shows a blue light that means it is connected. All the USB ports have smart chips that recognize each device plugged in and automatically uses the fastest charge for each device. It has an LED light that comes on when you connect your device that you may find to be too bright.


  • You can charge 4 devices at once
  • Good cable arrangement


  • It isn’t steady on its feet
  • Not compatible with MFi-certified charging pucks

19 Pantheon Portable Charger

  • Available in 2 colors; black and gold
  • Frame: Plastic material
  • Cost: $38.99
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  • Available in 2 colors; black and gold
  • Frame: Plastic material
  • Cost: $38.99

The Pantheon charger works as both a charging dock that plugs into an outlet and a power bank for you. It is quite a small device, and it looks like a key holder. If you have a series 4 watch, then you shouldn’t bother getting this charger because it only works for series 2 and 3 watches. You can charge your watch twice with one charge, thanks to the 700 mAh battery of this charger.

This is an Apple-certified charger, and it comes with a good USB cord alongside its charger. It also has LED indicator lights, and you can return the product within 18 months if it doesn’t live up to its claims, and get a refund.


  • Compact and portable
  • Comes with an extra USB cable


  • It doesn’t charge fast
  • Not compatible for Apple Watch Series 4

20 ATOPHK Charging Stand

  • Comes in grey, rose gold, and silver colors
  • Frame: GB aluminum
  • Cost: $15.99

The double-headed charging stand from ATOPHK is the last but certainly not the least in our list. This charging stand can contain 2 Apple watches at a time, charging one, and letting you get a good view of the second one. The stand is solidly built from highly processed GB aluminum.

One good thing you’ll appreciate is that the stand doesn’t require any assembly. It is also perfectly cut out to fit your watch’s charging slot, and its TPU is scratch-proof. You can also use it to view your phone, and it gives you the best angles and looks.


  • It has a budget-friendly price
  • You can charge 2 watches at a time


  • The cable is not easy to manage
  • It tends to tilt over