10 Nutrition mistakes preventing weight loss

Wanting to shed off weight is a great idea because no one wants to become obese. Obesity has been analyzed as an epidemic that everyone would definitely not want to experience. However, while trying to lose weight, we are prone to making mistakes.

Nutrition errors might be due to our eagerness, or our ignorance, and this can be as a result of the tons of misinformation available on the internet or simply because of our overzealousness. We make these mistakes ourselves wanting to do it all right either by eating wrong or practicing the wrong habits.

Knowing what is right and wrong for you will go a long way in helping you practice the proper habits to lose weight. To this effect, we have highlighted some common diet errors to keep you informed ahead so that you won’t make such mistakes again.

1 Eating less protein

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If you are keen on loosing weight, proteins are one of your best bets on nutrients that can help. According to a study, protein-rich diets with about 0.6-0.8 grams of protein per lb goes a long way controlling appetite and caring for your body mass. A diet rich in proteins keeps your health up by working positevely on your metabolism, lowering your need for food as it is bulky and improves upon the hormones which help regulate weight.

Your muscles are also protected with the help of proteins as you lose weight, remember that they are muscle and today builders.

2 Not eating whole foods

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You cannot lose weight if you are a high consumer of processed food products. They are major factors that contribute massively to weight gain. Whole foods keep you full quickly enough, and you tend not to overeat or get hungry quickly.

3 Too much coffee

Guess you didn’t know that the more coffee and beverages you consume, especially with supplements ( which you might be used to control weight or just for general body health), the more your body loses the ability to absorb the nutrients from the supplements. This is because of caffeine. You can reduce your intake and give yourself a long time after coffee consumption before taking supplements.

4 Not incorporating enough fiber in your meals

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Your body tends to get more when you base on fiber-rich foods because they help your body absorb fewer calories and save energy for absorbing essential nutrients. An exemple is choosing brown whole-grain bread in place of white bread which doesn’t contain the whole wheat fiber. Enough dietary fiber in your meals is sure a great addition to your list of helpers if you are trying to lose weight.

5 Taking only diets/low-fat foods

It is not out of place for you to feel like diet foods it’s perfect for people on a diet but it is not always true. When you read the labels on foods, and you see “low fat” or “fat-free”, do not always believe because most of these products are loaded with preservatives and other refined ingredients like artificial sweeteners not nearly as natural as your body needs.

These can increase your food cravings and make you consume more. It’ll help to make choices of less processed foods, opting for more natural one to stay in shape.

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6 Eating at almost every opportunity

It has been said that it is better to eat little portions of food than to consume a large quantity at once, Don’t buy the logic. What happens to the body’s metabolism when it has to be kept running, breaking down food? You condition it to keep working, and you have to keep eating, meaning that you will be consuming more calories in the long run.

7 Having the wrong breakfast

Breakfast remains the most important meal of the day. This doesn’t mean that you should have the entire calories packed up ready for the day, infact, doing so puts you at risk of getting humgry sooner. Rather than skip the meal, It is wiser to eat a very good and healthy meal with the right ingredients and in the balanced composition to boost your body metabolism and help keep you in shape.

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8 Improper consumption of fruits

Fruits are healthy and nutritious, and it contribute to the bulk of diet. Do you also know that some fruits can be agents of weight gain though healthy? You cannot be watching your weight and make that sumptuous smoothie with every fruit you can find and gulp it all down, There is a right way to consume fruits.

Infact, for your smoothies, more of vegetables is advised for you to lose weight, Some fruits are also more necessary when you want to lose weight with fruits like watermelon and apples.

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9 Not taking enough water

The importance of water cannot be overemphasized. Water helps in general body metabolism. It helps to properly breakdown whatever it is you eat and transport nutrients adequately. So, if you’re intested in losing rather than gaining weight. You need more water.

10 Dieting without proper guidance or education

Truth is, not everything works by the books regarding losing of weight. Many times, people are victims of too much advices, too many diet plans and they end up still gaining weight. You cannot always make the journey alone. This is why there are dieticiens, nutritionists, and doctors available.

Want to start a proper diet plan? Do so with professional backing, so you work according to your body type and plan. Always consult your doctor.

Also remember to shop for groceries with wisdom, not overstocking, and planning properly.

So, with all that’s been said, have you identified your nutritional errors? Share you thoughts with us in a comment.